Patient Recruitment Capabilities

Aspect Health delivers qualifying patients for clinical trials using leading-edge technology quality of services we provide and in-house media properties, including and

As an “early awareness engine”, our proprietary content library and targeting capabilities represent a new approach to patient communication for our industry.

For our partners, we deploy cutting-edge digital recruitment that fills the funnel with highly qualified recruits well before becoming disqualified to your protocol specifications.

No matter if you have a new trial, or are struggling with enrollment with an existing trial, we stand ready to help meet your goals.

Opportunities Stemming from COVID-19

As you are acutely aware, the world of clinical trials waits for no one. And these unusual times and the inherent pressures demand progressive actions.

For trial recruitment, by using the advanced content and analytical targeting techniques, the environment for rapid targeted recruitment has never been better.

People are spending more time online than ever, and health-related searches are up 1000% or more. (See: CNET)

These two important behavior trends – increased time spent on-line and health search – present an opportunity for us because our patient communities are already health-conscious, and often research their own conditions.

Here’s something you might agree with us on. The “old way” of targeting potential patients for your trial has flaws.

Nearly 50% of new trials fail to recruit enough patients. Yet the recruitment tactics haven’t changed. Gone are the days of passive “wait, hope and pray” marketing, like this:

Targeted, progressive marketing tactics that we utilize today can rewrite the rules.

How do we do it? What makes us special?

Importantly, we own and operate highly-authoritative web properties and and RareDisease are MAGNET sites to engage and attract your audience.

We also utilize the most advanced TARGETING to bring in prospects who meet your demographic criteria.

Our expert content on and is second to none. It attracts thousands of patients and their families each month.

Our content is created in a compassionate voice that regular folks can appreciate. Contributors include genetic counselors, specialty geneticists, advocacy groups, and patients. (Spanish language included).

Here’s an example of the full scope of the proprietary content for Fabry disease:

Fabry Disease Guide, Podcast and More.


Skeptical? See what we’ve done with rare diseases in a very short period of time.

We have produced over 200 pieces of these agnostic, expert-curated content on rare diseases. Together, these resources attract patients and practitioners to help serve everyone from home to the docs office, to the clinic.

Here is a link to the complete list of the rare diseases currently in our content library. Thousands of patients and families access these guides each month.

And we’ve only just begun. In 2020 alone, our team of experts are working to create another 100 guides, podcast episodes, and patient handouts for each rare disorder on our target list.

Take a look at the patient journey, from discovery / targeting, on to enrollment as patients in your trial.

And of course, we are HIPAA and Regulatory Compliant.

Ready to jumpstart your trial recruitment and “fill the bucket” with future trial participants?

If you have a project that appears in our library that’s already drawing hundreds of users per month, contact us to begin jump-starting a trial (here)

Interested in learning more about how we can problem-solve together?

If you are behind on clinical trial recruitment or would like to try a new partner, we’d love to hear from you.